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Tue, Mar 13 2018

Who goes there?

One of my characters surprised me yesterday while I was filling out a character profile on him. He turned out to have some very strong feelings about things I hadn't considered important until then. Do your characters take over your job for you that way sometimes?
Some writers feel they have to fill out a character profile before they begin writing a story, but I find that first writing a scene or two helps me to visualize parts of a character's background that haven't yet presented to me. So when a portion of a character profile won't come to me strongly at first, I wait and leave it blank, knowing that soon my character will make it plain that they are afraid of horses or have 102 lime green ties or grew up having a crush on Jaden Smith.

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Thu, Feb 15 2018

Be the character?

I just spent two hours going through three paper files and twelve folders to find a charcter profile I had filled out for a character who is at a crossroad in life. I think I can certainly portray her bewilderment of all things office-related.

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Thu, Feb 08 2018

Wanted: Writer. Some experience Necessary

It's not enough to be a writer, is it? Don't we also carry a multitude of other duties on a daily basis? I suppose it has to be that way though, or we'd never have anything new to plug into our writing experience. We have to get off our little velvet stools once in awhile and stop writing long enough to dabble in the stock market or listen to a child talk or ride a (literal) roller coaster. We don't have to experience everything, but some real-life experience is necessary to keep the heart and mind open to fresh ideas and creative surges that can help us through the doldrums when we aren't feeling the muse.

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Thu, Jan 18 2018

Walking the talk

Someone on Twitter recently talked about taking to the streets when political changes were made that they disliked. I thought about that. Should writers take to the streets when life hands us lemons? Should we put on our walking shoes? Well, we certainly can. It's a form of free speech (as long as we deal with any required permits and as long as we don't block the streets). But should we? Does it change anything in the political or governmental arena? Or are there other things we can do as writers that would be more meaningful? Actions often do speak louder than words. But it depends on what the actions and the words are.

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Fri, Dec 29 2017

One for all and all for one

Every good story we tell, whether set 2078 years in the future or 1242 years in the past, needs to be able to pass through the timeless river of human experience,

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Tue, Nov 28 2017

It's time to climb into the vehicles, drink hot chocolate (and then hunt for a portable potty) and crane your necks in the dark. The Lightpatch Christmas Lights page is there to browse and is being updated almost daily. I added the pop-up portion of Christmas fun last year and am repeating that feature. Go have a look and then enjoy the light displays near you. If you find a great one I left out, do let me know.

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Wed, Oct 25 2017

Gullibility vs. naivete

A thesaurus will probably tell you that gullibility and naivete are similar. I suppose they are. But I think of gullibility as the thing that people possess when they pass along as truth a meme/photo on social media without checking to see whether it's real. Naivete is different to me. When a reader/viewer/listener suspends belief in order to enjoy the spinning of a good yarn they have naivete. They're both traits that one chooses to possess, but the former speaks more to me of a lazy, biased choice, while the latter ssems to me a temporary opennesss to a new experience. Maybe society shapes the difference in the two words?

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