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Mon, Jan 14 2019

Word counts as a daily goal?

When you write, do you write for youself or for your readers?

When you count words, do you count for youself or for your readers?

When you read, do you read according to how fast the writer wrote the words?

When I see writers focused on word counts in a day, I don't mind a great deal as long as we're speaking of the first draft of a very long novel. Otherwise, I have concern that the number of words per day is assumed to be the ultimate goal. Is that your goal as a writer? And really, should that be the goal for a long novel any more than it should be for a well-researched article, a short story or a poem?
Why? More words are not equal to more success. Do what makes sense for you as a writer, with the reader in you in mind.

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Wed, Jan 09 2019

Thu, Jan 03 2019

Another year, another delay?

2019 is more than upon us. It's in our bloodstreams and our brain stem, filling us with hope and expectation for all we can accomplish in a brand new calendar year.

The Bible talks about our heart and our treasure being close to each other, though it's more about spirituality in that case. But it's also true of our pursuits here in this life. If our resolution is to lose ten pounds in 2019 and we're still sitting and munching fatty chips most of the day, we're probably not being very true to our goals.

If we say we want to start writing a book or finish writing that book we started and we have nothing at all to show for it by the end of January, chances are that we were either lying to the world or lying to ourselves. Perhaps, both.

The first chapter is never the hardest for me. It's the fifth chapter or the twelfth chapter. I just put a prompt where I'll see it in a couple of months. I plan to see then how my heart and my treasure (and my writing) line up at that point.

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Mon, Oct 22 2018

Should that dog obedience show go smoothly or be hit by a tornado?

Weather and scenery can either match moods or contrast with moods. It poured rain the day we held a graveside service for my mother. In spite of the gray day and all the noise from the rain and the way people tried to avoid mud puddles and huddle together beneath the tent, I found myself realizing that, had she still been alive,my mother would have had plenty of fun with the way Mother Nature had dumped water all over the place. I couldn't share the private joke with her any more, but I still held in a giggle at who she was and how she had fun.

A downpour during an outdoor wedding photo sesssion is a great way to either enhance the love all around or to accentuate the ambivalent feelings of those who were not in favor of that particular alliance. A first date in an air-conditioned symphony hall might be sweet and pleasant, but character might be better revealed or highlighted if the serenity of the concert is shattered by a 6.3 earthquake that shakes loose the hanging fixtures and and sends the audience into panic.

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Mon, Sep 24 2018

Looking toward that lazy river after the snaking rapids roll

The parts of the house not in disorder can only be reached by wading through the disorder. We've been freshening up the paint in the living room and are finding that it's rare to complete one task without delving into 6 more tasks. You have to shop for paint and supplies, trim, tape, cleaning products (because dust has settled on many things), plus other odds and ends. You have to have an area to put all the contents you take off shelves and bookcases. Since you have to move everything anyway, you end up sorting through old items and making decisions about what to keep. You have to reserve space for being able to just sit and relax and have a little dinner, even if it means pulling up the nearest box to use as a table. You might redo furniture arrangements and even buy a new piece of furniture that works better than the old one(s).

By far, the most daunting task is this last wall, the wall that contains the TV, audio equipment, satellite connection. My husband found a snaking river of cords and cables that made him reconsider the whole electrical network of the house. And so, after painting will come rebuilding and rewiring cables and equipment placement.

The truth is that I could not do this alone. I'd have to hire someone to come in and figure out the snaky river of cords and how to coax it all away from a swelling rapids into something more like the lazy river in the old song. Meanwhile, I continue to sort through items from the storage units and glass-doored cases to figure out what stays and what goes. I do sneak off to this computer now and then to write a few lines. If you write, you know that writing can be the sane tower in an otherwise cluttered castle.

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Fri, Aug 17 2018


There's a lot of growling about the MAGA acronym. Those who love it use it on hats, headbands, bumper stickers and Twitter profiles. But many don't like the acronym at all, whether for the slogan itself or for the politician(s) it might represent. Or, they believe America is already great. If you don't like the orignal meaning, you can still love MAGA.

Make America Grateful Again

We have so much to be thankful for, including freedom that allows us to pick and choose what an acronym means to us. I hope people will do that instead of arguing over MAGA. It's nice to be great, but it's even greater to be grateful.

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Tue, Aug 07 2018

Simple is as simple taxes.

More and more services seem to come out of taxpayers' pockets in the USA. I always wonder how long it will be until taxpayers revolt.

If you take a good look at the US Constitution, you'll see that there was very little expected of taxpayers in the way of monetary support for government. People sometimes complain about defense spending, but defense is actually one of the few things tax money was supposed to cover. The government was never designed to handle issues of individuals praying in schools or managing flood or homeowner insurance. These things have crept into our laws over time, possibly diluting the power and majesty of the Constitution.

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